Castle Burn Mod Apk (Use of diamonds in the battle does not reduce the increase)

Castle Burn Mod Apk
Castle Burn Mod Apk Welcome to the world of Castle Burn, a real-time strategy game made in a fantasy land where you face other people in PvP battles! Do you want magic, towers, Vikings and dragons? We have it all! Lead your hero to victory and burn your enemy's castle to the ground!

At Castle Burn, you will become the master of your own army and lead your troops to battle against others in the Crown League. Build camps and shrines as you expand your territory, and use all the cards in your hands to eliminate those who stand between you and the crown! Are you saying you have never played a game like this before? No need to worry! Anyone can go out in the league and claim the throne for themselves!

Install your deck in real-time! After adding a unit card to your deck, you can use units that correspond to the battlefield. Tower cards can be used to build towers that will defend against incoming enemies, and spell cards can be used to throw your enemies for one round! Customize your strategy in real-time to bring down opponents and emerge victoriously!

Expand your strategic options by increasing your castle tier! After you add the second and fourth cards to your deck, upgrading your castle will begin and you will be able to add higher-level cards to destroy your opponents with!

Use your hero to change the tide of battle for your sake! Each hero has unique skills that increase strength every time your castle is upgraded. Even though the heroes are already strong themselves, they really shine when used together with other units. Learn the specific attributes of each hero so you can make better use of your own while defeating enemy heroes more easily!

Track your enemies in the fog! Staking a map is very important to prepare yourself for the opponent's attack. You can use the Return command to summon your units and heroes back to your castle. The unit will return a portion of the costs used to spread it, and the heroes will start restoring HP. You can always cancel your unit's return before they reach the castle, so don't be afraid to use it to keep your troops safe while lurking.

Win matches with rank to advance to a higher league! When you do this, you will get Crown Points, as well as new cards and maps! At the end of each season, you will receive prizes based on the league you are in. If you feel you need further training, you can always join a regular match, where you will not lose Crown Points, or try some training against AI games.

Complete the search to get a card package! Many searches are available to calm even the most ambitious players! You can also get card packages by winning matches that are ranked, so be sure to add to your collection and improve your card!

Track your battle log! Your latest notes are saved in the Battle Records menu. You can watch replays to learn your opponent's strategy and generate ideas for your next battle. You can also see battle records from the top 100 players and others in your league through the Ranking menu. Develop advanced strategies by keeping track of what others are doing well and checking your own performance!

Look for Castle Burn on social media! You can capture the flow of the past from one of our developers, a former pro-gamer, or you can share your own battles on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Everyplay! Show your friends some of your most victorious victories!

Castle Burn Mod Apk (Use of diamonds in the battle does not reduce the increase)

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