Buriedbornes Mod Apk (Unlimited Soulstone)

Buriedbornes Mod Apk
Buriedbornes is hardcore. Dungeon RPG.
Choose a job and challenge Dungeon.
Choose your equipment and skills, defeat the terrible enemies.
You can enjoy strategy and difficulty with the synergy of equipment and skills.
And  "Choose " is the most important in the Dungeon.
Are you ready to turn off the battle and end this unprecedented disaster?

# Wars for Buriedbornes

Heroes can not turn on forever.
Heroes die and their possessions will disappear.
However, they will be "roaming dead " for your next enemy.
Or, you will get a supply from them.
You can keep your message for their dead bodies. And you will receive messages from others.
You can collect "Soulstones" to buy a lot of special work.

# How to Play

-Create your hero.
-Choose a room and move to jail.
-Choose your skills and defeat the enemies. (Turn-based battles)
– You will be forced to vote for an event or drop the item.
-You can progress the floor by beating the floor boss.
-Kill  "Ancient overload " in 10F!

Buriedbornes Mod Apk (Unlimited Soulstone)

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