Bullet Break Mod Apk (Weak enemy/Enemy doesn't move)

Destroy Bugs in the game world!
A strategic exciting shooter that allows you to enjoy a deep strategy with simple operation!

Bullet Break Feature
◆ Battle
Intercept enemies that drive game world characters into bullets (bullets)!
Feel free to play at any time with a drag operation that can be operated with one hand!
An exhilarating feeling that removes enemies with special  "Break shot"!
The challenge is to challenge a powerful enemy that cannot break through without organizing the party!
Challenge even stronger enemies with your friends!

◆ Story
Mysterious electronic life of the form  "Baghoo " that eats the game.
The future games are eaten by Bugoos and are in a critical situation!
With Akasaka Akari, Aoyama Violet, and Shirokane Hikaru, a girl who loves games
Play Bugoo "Barrett Break ", developed by Nayutah
Save the future game!

◆ Barrett (character)
Beat the Bagu need character cooperation from the game world!
Heroes and Android, princesses and idols, childhood friends and King of Satan,
Beat the Bagu with the help of interesting characters!

◆ Maintenance
Barrets become stronger as they grow!
Power-ups even more by completing items called wagons!
Combine bullets and wagons to make your own strongest feast!

Bullet Break Mod Apk (Weak enemy/Enemy doesn't move)

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