Braveland Heroes Mod Apk (Unlimited gold coins and diamonds)

Braveland Heroes Mod Apk
Braveland Heroes Mod Apk The best old-school Mobile RPG turn-based strategy!

The Scepter of the Seven Kingdoms was persistently stolen from the throne room. The Kings had called the strongest magic hero and offered a generous gift to the man, who returned it. In a high spirit, you set out on a dangerous quest in the quest for a royal relic. Use tactics to lead legions of heroes, fight bosses and conquer other players! As you play, your army will join different types of allies-archers, monks, demons, beasts, knights, and many others. Your journey begins in the ancient forest; You'll pass the southern regions and over the high mountains, you'll find Orcs, ghosts and mysterious nomads. In the north, you will fight with the possible and major in times of Viking warfare, rushed to the clash of thieves and assassins, and try to bear the soles in the fight of Satan and the Pirates.

Braveland Heroes features:
✔ Free PvE and PvP game modes
✔ Hand-drawn HD world game
✔ Right from scratch, you can choose between 3 Heroes: Barbarian, Pirate, and witch.
✔ Create and upgrade weapons and ammunition
✔ A full range of unique battles with unexpected twists
✔ A thriving Heroes Saga – lead more mighty Heroes into battle, than ever before!
✔ Dungeons with randomly generated battles and decent rewards
✔ Abundant powerful artifacts
✔ Each hero adheres to a unique academy of pure battle magic that fully transforms the course of the battle
✔ And, of course, party headliners – dangerous bosses

Braveland Heroes Mod Apk (Unlimited gold coins and diamonds)

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