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Brave Sword x Blaze Soul v2.4.13 Моd Apk (High DMG/High DEF)

Brave Sword x Blaze Soul Mod Apk
Brave Sword x Blaze Soul Mod Apk
Cow! Is it a dream...
I woke up to the nightmare.
I don't want to miss anything important anymore.
 "Hey guru, how many times?"
I will be pushed to a girl sitting next to me.
"Do all people misunderstand using magical swords?"

With a child who uses a magical sword somewhere unreliable,
A smart and energetic girl who followed her.

They are both on their way to find the "treasure".
In certain destruction that comes by chance
I found two others.

With the brave son of a newly motivated newcomer,
A girl with a magical sword  "not worthy " who made the curse.

This meeting of four people,
Then he shook the Makai world, or the world himself
This will be the beginning of the great battle,
Nobody knows yet.

【 Introducing Game 】
■ The possibilities are endless! Let's make the strongest force!
A supernatural magical sword with over 150 appearances appeared! With all the character sounds!!
In combination with the ability called Seoul, the power of the unit changed tremendously! Of course, this is a good-looking combination! Okay!!

■ Try the courage!! Easy Combat System!
An automatic combat system that takes place automatically! Easy operation but deep strategy! Make Ski with the change of equipment that is graded war situation and aim for it with a special move! One direct reversal!!!

■  "Burning × Moe " story!
While it's fantastic and funny, it's a deep-world setting with a great balance! I burned when I thought it was Moe! Enjoy stories of various "bravery" that are woven by interesting characters!

Brave Sword x Blaze Soul v2.4.13 Моd Apk (High DMG/High DEF)