Beast Friends FESTIVAL Mod Apk (Weak Enemy)

◆ Easy! Action game Strict action
The main event of the Festival  "Kekurabe "
Compare the power of friends!

Easy Operation just to hit
Friends make the best use of  "Jobs "
Let's overwhelm the opponent with  "Keirame "!
Sometimes Cerulean annoys ' Kake Compare '...?

◆ How can you improve! What?
Friends are rich in personality and full of people!
Choose where you want to stretch your hair, etc.
Let's boost your free friends only!

◆ Can you know more about animals as you do that?!
Real Animal Cry
Commentary on voices by voice actors commenting with sound.
Ecology and animal Habits,
I want to tell my friend though
Let's know more about animals with travel knowledge!

◆ Around Japa Festival, a story written
Advance the game and have many friends
Let's look at success.
A new story will be added one by another!

Beast Friends FESTIVAL Mod Apk (Weak Enemy)

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