BEAKER – Mix Chemicals Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins/Moves)

BEAKER turns your device into a virtual lab to experiment with 150 + chemicals.

You can hold, shake, preheat it, cap it, add chemicals, pour, or pour between BEAKERs through AirMix.

Start (tap or hold the chemical to add it)
– CaO + H2O
-K + H2O (flame)
– Na + H2O (flame)
-Al + BR2 (API)

Ignite (swipe your finger and hold, like a striking match)
-Ignite mg, C, Al
-Ignite H2 + O2 (Blast)

Heat (swipe in from the bottom right to the lower-left corner to turn on the heater)
-Boiling water (H2O)
-Heat Fe + HNO3 (color transformation)

Shake * (Shake to accelerate reaction)
– CuSO4 + H2O + mg (color transformation)
– AgNO3 + H2O + Cu (rainfall)
– AgNO3 + H2O + NaCl (rainfall)

AirMix * * (the nearest BEAKERs pair automatically)
-Pour na to Cl2 (fire)
-Pour CH3COOH to NaHCO3 + Blue (bubble)
– Pour NaCl + H2O to AgNO3 + H2O (rainfall)

BEAKER – Mix Chemicals Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins/Moves)

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