Bass Fishing 3D II Mod Apk Money

Experience beautiful bass fishing and very much evolved 3D graphics from previous apps!!
Bass fishing has become more interesting by adding an underwater camera, easy alluring action, and competing with NPC.

* Bass Fishing in the field of fishing 3D is very beautiful
You can enjoy fishing which is very much & beautifully evolved 3D fields.
Even beginners can easily find the bass by using Sonar!

* Underwater camera!
Now it is possible to check the underwater situation with the underwater camera!
Choose the temptation that matches the depth where the fish are hiding!

* Upgrade captivated action
Enchanting action can be easily done with action buttons!
Big Bass appeal with some kind of captivating action in each alluring!

* Fight System Reborn
Combined intuitive operation using buttons during a raging fight!
Operate the trunk intuitively according to the bass movement.
And constantly shaken reel at the best time!

* Compete against rivals
Rivals will appear in the field. And you can enjoy the fight against them!
They will look for & catch fish too!
Discover fishing spots and big bass fishes before them!

* Meets game modes
In  "Tournaments ", Top rankings from all over the world will appear as your rivals.
And you can compete against them!
 "Mission " includes 2x the number of previous apps!
In  "Free Fishing ", it is now possible to set  "Rain " and  "water temperature " too!

Bass Fishing 3D II Mod Apk Money

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