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Awakening of Heroes Mod Apk (MAP Mod/NO ADS) + Obb

Awakening of Heroes Mod Apk
Awakening of Heroes Mod Apk Plays the best incredible new NEW MOBA 5v5 Action Clash game on the Battle of Awakening of Heroes!

Join incredible everyday heroes in the new MOBA 5v5 free-to-play action that trespasses when it's funny. Dominate the fairytale city battle arena from this highly ranked mobile action MOBA with RPG elements and royale battles! Play the 5vs5 PVP ranking battle with your friends against real opponents from all over the world in a 10-minute action-packed full of real-time action.

On top of dynamic MOBA (multiplayer online battle) gameplay, Awakening of Heroes brings you more teamwork, shows your PvP strategy, valuable Jungling rewards, a full card deck collection, and strange power enhancements (including incredible graphics).

Become the hero you've always wanted, join the Awakening of Heroes players and rise through the ranks of courage to conquer all our Battle arenas with strategy!

Awakening of Heroes Feature:
☆ Unique goal-based MOBA 5v5
Experience the sensation of a PvP match on a 3-lane MOBA map with different RTS objectives than AOH from the classic online MOBA game:

* Touchdown bomb
Defeat the bombers, give bombs to your teammates and destroy the tower with a soccer legend style goal!

* Capture the Flag
Perform two flag capture missions to summon Big Bosses to fight and help your team become a 5BA-5 MOBA legend!

* Forest Rewards
Defeat the guardians to get reinforcements, missiles or other real prizes for your entire team so that no enemy will catch your guard off guard!

☆ The most dangerous hero
There is a hero among us: the ancestors of angry bingo champions who made killer cakes in self-defense. Explosion! A warm-hearted mathematics professor turned to a butcher who was skilled in close combat. Clash! Angry old snipers in his invention - an accelerated wheelchair equipped with many weapons - fought his personal war. Bang

Collect and upgrade cards, role-playing styles (RPGs), to reach the legendary level of your hero's armor, speed, and damage. Wear deadly combat soda that can ring (what ?!) while a chicken breast protective suit (what, what ?!) gives you the best defense. Collect trophies to progress through 15 arenas 5 v 5 as you rise to the world's top league!

☆ MOBA is developing
This hero evolved into a tower defense gardener. Earn gold by defeating enemies, buying weapons plants and placing them in a tactical, tower defense style. Each plant evolved to shoot, heal, or function as a trap or bait. Plant your way to victory and earn stars!

☆ Battles start flying royale and loot
The online thrill of battle royale, the fun of 5 vs 5 MOBA games! Parachute to the arena with a hanging launcher and jump into a fight! Find mystery boxes around the map as in the battle royale game and use power-ups to set mouse traps, become invisible or release the chicken bombers fleet. Fight for the highest survival hero that can only be obtained.

☆ Teamwork to Win
Work together, support, combine your skills, become a war friend and prove that you are a legend of this amazing game. Forest and get legendary prizes for the whole team. Tank so your teammates can get through the black hole (come again ?!) and surprise the enemy by releasing your minions in the enemy jungle in this mobile 5BA5 MOBA battle game with real opponents and real-time strategy matches (RTS).

Awakening of Heroes Mod Apk (MAP Mod/NO ADS) + Obb