Auto Chess Legends Mod Apk (Card 0 Star)

Auto Chess Legends Mod Apk
Auto Chess Legends Mod Apk Auto Chess Legends is a strategy game integrated with chess, which emphasizes fast and smooth gameplay: Automatic battles across the 8 × 8 field chessboard using heroes as part of your game.
The way you play important idle pieces is much faster than how fast you can knock!

• Fast-paced battles against players from all over the world
• Real mobile battler games in just 15 minutes per match
• One-handed control, the best experience for Automatic Chess on mobile devices
• Combine pieces for various synergies and tactics with 56+ heroes under the leadership
• Unlock and collect powerful new Masters, each with signature skills
• Many game modes will be released: TFT, 1v1, weekly tournaments, and teams
• Rise to the top of the leaderboards in global and local rankings
• Get valuable end-of-season rewards through a unique league system
• Epic & Event Updates every week. The Legend of Automatic Chess always develops

Auto Chess Legends Mod Apk (Card 0 Star)

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