Alcohol Factory Simulator Mod Apk

There are 5 unique workshops, such as in real plants:
Perasan Workshop allows you to make juice from fruits!
The mixing Workshop allows you to make liquor with the most elaborate recipes!
Bottling Workshops will pack your drinks and prepare to sell!
The distillation workshop turns your drinks in liquor!
Аging Workshop can make drinks that much more expensive!


In Alcohol Factory Simulator, you can make a variety of drinks, including:
Orange juice, beer, vodka, Tequila, cider, vermouth, absinthe, schnapps, drinks, schnapps, pepper vodka, absinthe and many more.

Free purchases for in-game currency;
The production of one drink will give the maximum level (all open workshops, recipes, and items);
The devices have been improved to the maximum (they need not be improved).

Alcohol Factory Simulator Mod Apk

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