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XD UNLIMITED v5.6.0 Mod Apk

 "This boxing, or this game, Symphogear is TSU!!! "

Including the anime  "Symphogear " series, the original story is only this work
 "I can play at any time " on my smartphone
Symphonic battle RPG  "Symphogear XD UNLIMITED " finally appeared!

-Fight along with the song! Battle of Symphonic RPG! —
Muso through in a striking norido wound to more of the song
The original same as making full use of new mortal works cuts and original games
We will face a towering threat along with our Sosha!

-Revive the original! Next, through Gyararuhorun  "parallel worlds "! —
We are genuine revive anime Phase 3 minutes  "main Search "
Draw a daily Sosha that we become full of harmony  "Quests side "
 "Event Quest" from the original game that will be deployed through a parallel world

-You are just a music box! —
The music can be put on hand and to achieve various conditions!
All the music effects in the music box are reflected in battle! It attracts a lot of music, tries to amplify the music effect!

-Sosha dreams of each other from the battle! —
In "Battle Arena", it is possible to fight with the National Party players!
Opportunity to test your skills or boast of a party that has been trained for the class anywhere!
The symphogear instrumentation of the battle by  "Dream Party " versus  "party Dream " is a must-see!


Mod Menu
>Damage reduction %
> Low Enemy Def
> One Hit Kill
> Slow Enemy (beta one; further testing is required)