X Survive: Crafting & Building Mod Apk

X Survive: Crafting & Building Mod Apk
X Survive: Crafting & Building Mod Apk Welcome to the X Survive: Crafting & Building with infinite crafts and build opportunities!

Unimaginable and powerful equipment lets you survive and build very quickly. All you need to do is find the right resources, activate portable 3D printers and go get creative.

Not only to survive but for the sandbox environment change fun as you like! Build an awesome structure high above the ground. After composing all the necessary parts of the building start from a simple box but don't stop, uncover your inner architect and build a high-rise building with terraces, cool furniture, and a swimming pool, your craft library will be Grow with your level. Even building a highway for your electric vehicle is possible!

This Sandbox place welcomes except some form of aggressive wildlife you can finally meet. Level up and you can defend yourself with a freezing gun to survive and cool aggressive creatures down. Be aware of the mass zombies at night, it is better to build a high shelter on the ground!

Digging tunnels and doing all sorts of terraforming, needed to get crafting resources hidden under the sand and this is a very fun process to change the Sandbox world around you.

Unconditional construction.
Some items can be forced to build even if they are locked.

X Survive: Crafting & Building Mod Apk

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