Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade Mod Apk

Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade is a completely new tycoon game with exciting Shooting battles as the core gameplay. Hire funny and Dangerous cowboys to manage your mines and use them to fight on 1-on-1 battles.


★ Play with Facebook friends ★
Challenge your friends on 1 vs 1 duel with 5 rounds. Choose carefully your cowboy!

Compete against players from your league and climb higher to earn more rewards.
Win battles and steal opponents resources.

★ Worldwide Arena ★
Battle against players around the world, rise to the top and become the most powerful cowboy of the Wild West!

★ Grab your Gun ★
Discover hundreds of powerful weapons with unique gameplay.
Use your gun to shoot on duel vs other players.

★ Idle ★ System
Use your cowboy to control your mines and collect ores while offline
Unlock more mines to win more ores
Discover rare mines to collect more valuable ores
Employ more Cowboys to accelerate production.

★ Crafts and Exchanges ★
You mines collect a ton of resources, use them to craft useful objects and swap them against useful items to enhance your cowboy.

Mod: In the battle, the use of equipment skills is not reduced.

Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade Mod Apk

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