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Venus Eleven Mod Apk (Max Shoot Range/Always win)

Venus Eleven Mod Apk
Venus Eleven Mod Apk Think you have what it takes to manage a beautiful women's soccer squad? This girl relies on your help to bounce through the ranks of football stars! Scout, train, and date 100 + girls as you work your way to build the biggest team around!

● Discover 100 + dating players, each with their own distinct personality!
● Interact with each girl-will your choice result in a good or bad ending?
● Unlock hundreds of different and uniform scenarios that uncover each girl's story.
● Enjoy gorgeous visuals and full-acting sounds from famous Japanese voice actresses!

● Switch between 2 control modes, manual or semi-automatic, according to your play style.
● Train your squad to the coveted S-Venus rankings and unleash their full potential!
● Unleash special cinematic movements to fool your opponents, unique to each character!
● Show off your soccer skills in the league to get new characters, uniforms, and more.

Venus Eleven Story
An accident may have left you in an Amnesia state, but your talent for football is as strong as usual! After waking up in the hospital room, your assistant urges you to get back into the game as a manager to regain the lost memories.

Train, compete, and scout your way back to your former glory with your team of growing football sirens in one-of-a-kind hybrids of dating and football management!

Venus Eleven Mod Apk (Max Shoot Range/Always win)