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Undead Nation: Last Shelter Mod Apk (1 hit kill/God Mode)

Undead Nation: Last Shelter Mod Apk [COLLECTING SURVIVORS]
A variety of unique and powerful victims to recruit and train!
Collect them all and assemble the strongest team to go against hordes of zombies!

Challenge other players in real-time to climb the ranks!
Position yourself to take advantage of terrain and swing the conquest in your favor!
Fight the zombie-infested buildings and take over enemy territory to become the reigning champion of your area!

Undead Nation: Last Shelter Mod Apk
Upgrade and build facilities to make Basecamp unique to you!
Produce medicines, food, and ingredients to strengthen your base and your crew!
Combine room set traps, and fortify your base to defend against being attacked by other players!

Discover what strategies work for you by choosing from a variety of tactics that will help you in battle!
Exploit holes in your enemy's defenses and take control of battles!
Endless possible combinations of survivors and tactics that evolve with your play style!

Meet other players and share ideas in alliances from around the world!
Work together to become the strongest alliance in the Undead Nation: Last Shelter!

Undead Nation: Last Shelter Mod Apk (1 hit kill/God Mode)