Ultimate War-Hero TD Game Mod Apk (x200 DMG/ God Mode)

Welcome to Ultimate War – Hero TD game!

New system
Long before there was a man on Earth, the Titans and gods clashed over the control of nature. To protect the inhabitants of each region, the strongest of all gods sealed parts into each world. A millennium has passed since then and the seal has been broken by Hela himself! The time has come to not only protect your world but all creatures all over nature!

Standard Features

Improve, adapt and fight
Choose from a variety of legendary heroes to stand against evil forces. Your team will work even while you're asleep. Just have a few minutes to play every day, don't worry! Your heroes will continue to protect the world and when you sign back in, you can gather the resources they collect, and improve your skills, equipment and expand your team! Infinite possibilities!

Tower Defence
A new Spin for the classic Tower defense game! Balance different classes of your unique heroes as you spread them on the battlefield. Prepare your combat strategy using your hero special abilities to protect your world!

Collect Legendary Heroes
Assemble your hero from four different factions, each having their own unique abilities, skills, and attributes. The more Heroes you have, the more flexible your team is!

Immersive strategy
Find and enhance the right combination of heroes to use in PVE and PVP. The right team match for the task will produce very different results! Share, strategize, and find recommendations from teammates to see who can build the strongest team!

Ultimate War-Hero TD Game Mod Apk (x200 DMG/ God Mode)

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