Tower defense legend 2 Моd Apk (Unlimited Money)

Tower defense legend 2 Моd Apk
Tower defense legend 2 Моd Apk Tower Defense-Defense Legends 2 will bring a lot of fun and exciting things to gamers from legends Defense-Tower Defense (TD). Make sure the player won't get bored to explore new maps and new weapons.
Once defeated completely in the defense legends, the dark forces secretly prepare to build more power, more aggressive, more elite with the aim of the second world appendix. To prevent the campaign of the attack, the legendary generals have prepared new tactics and new strategies to combat them.
With category strategy-strategy games, in addition to the construction of a turret with a good position to take advantage of the best features of each type of weapon, the player must analyze the direction of the enemy attack, complete his own tactics, Strategic thinking, always ready to change the strategy of the match with surprise attack enemies.
The Tower defense-Defense 2 legends are developed based on the Tower Defense category, so sensible tactics will bring victory.
Defense Tower-Legends Defense 2 is a strategy game always brings excitement to the player with the flexibility of control and allocation of weapon power to win. Tower Defense-Defense Legends 2 solve this very good problem.

Defense-Defense Legends 2 features:
Legends Defense Tower Defense 2 updated new weapons that determine in the fight, bringing the difference to the Tower Defense Game (TD).
+ LDC-055: A combination of explosive support in the situation of a large number of enemy troops.
+ UXO-W: Bomb sound waves with great power create wide sound waves to destroy enemies on a large scale.
+ Ice-Age: With the ability to freeze all the enemies it scans on the road within a certain period of time.
+ BF1: BF1 with 5 fighter planes carrying lots of bombs is the enemy's fear.
+ Hellfire Area: Fire from hell will destroy all enemies on the way they cross.
+ Supergun-F: weapons that operate like guns with warhead rockets. Destructive force. Unlimited range.

Tower defense legend 2 Моd Apk (Unlimited Money)

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