TOKYO GHOUL re birth Mod Apk

TOKYO GHOUL re birth Mod Apk
The massively popular anime series  "Tokyo Ghoul " has been made into a smartphone game!
Create a team of your favorite characters and join the battle  "Ghoul " vs  "human "!

TOKYO GHOUL re birth Feature
■ Characters from Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul √ A, and Tokyo Ghoul: Re all made appearances!
Haise Sasaki and Quinx from the latest season, Tokyo Ghoul: Re, joined the fights alongside Ken Kaneki, Kisho Arima, and other popular characters from the first two seasons of the anime!

■ Beautiful Visual anime combining 2D illustrations with 3D models!
2D illustrative portraits have been specifically drawn for this game!
Moving 3D models takes over in battles, with voice-overs and illustrations appearing when you use skills!

■ 6-person Tap-combo battle system!
Choose from over 100 characters and form a team of 6 splits with 3 in the frontline and 3 in the back!
Deal consecutive attacks using skill and character switches to achieve combos!

■ Deep Leveling system!
Power up your characters and upgrade their kagune and Quinque to gain special abilities!
Collect items to upgrade your weapons and reinforce your character!

■  "Ghoul " and  "human " struggle to power in the  "Territory Battle "!
Each season, players are divided into  "Ghoul " and  "human" and fight for control over the Tokyo City district through battle and  "Dispatch "!

■ Battle other players in  "Strike "!
Beat the enemy team and get reward rankings!

■ Fight against powerful enemies in extreme battles,  "RAID "!
Face tough enemies like the SS Ghouls rate and Special Class Investigator!

1. Attack Multiplier (x1 ~ x100)
2. Defense Multiplier (x1 ~ x100)
3. Unlimited Skills

TOKYO GHOUL re birth Mod Apk

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