Tokyo Conception Mod Apk (God Mode) + Obb

Tokyo Conception Mod Apk
◆ Youkai RPG style linking Kisu/Na ◆

Easy refreshing action with the easy semi-automatic operation!

Shaking, changing, merging... Achieve victory by bonding with friends!

◆ Prologue
A dream or a gift or a vision... Yosumo Sousuke who visited the place of memories looking for the face of a childhood friend who had disappeared once, seeing his appearance behind a misty mist.

However, the next time, it appears before Sosuke a herd of monster variants that can not be regarded as the world.
Consciousness weakened by fear and confusion was instantly pulled back by the Sound of Swords and monster deaths falling.

"Today, we will protect your Lord!"

Amidst the scattered monsters, standing alone like sousate, there is a kind of casual kimono – a beautiful fox tail swaying on its back called Tamamo.
And with this meeting, the story of the battle over the bonds and revolutions of man and Youkai open!

◆ Semi-automatic battles deep in simple operation
An individual rich Youkai rages with semi-automatic!
Just by tapping, various techniques such as assault techniques, invasion techniques, human merging techniques and Youkai  "Compaq drive " are activated and coloring battles!
Enjoy the hot battles with the easy operation of guidance, avoidance, character change, and one finger!

◆ Build your own party with various elements of development
There are many training elements such as Youkai used as units, man assembled equipment and combinations!
Let's pick up and form your own strongest Youkai party!

Tokyo Conception Mod Apk (God Mode) + Obb

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