The Fishercat Mod Apk ( Infinite Coin/Gear​)

The Fishercat Mod Apk
The Fishercat Mod Apk Become a cat and hunt down fish with harscoop.
Play with a variety of harspoons and items as you enjoy fishing.
Meet all sorts of fishes, from funny to strange ones.

The Fishercat Feature
Simple control-aim and fire harpoon you to catch fish.
Various fish-Catch more than 80 types of fish and complete your collection.
Unique equipment-try out various harscoop and fun support items to catch even the toughest fish.
Cute Graphics-A unique experience and captivating Fishercat art.
Secret Hidden & Events – Discover all sorts of secrets as you experience various events while playing.

The Fishercat Mod Apk ( Infinite Coin/Gear​)

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