Tap Tap Plaza – Mall Tycoon Mod Apk (Use of diamonds in stores)

At Tap Tap Plaza, you'll take on the role of a mall millionaire on track to become the biggest in the world! Or even the universe, given the benefits your astronomic will make!

Unlock the trendy killing shops and upgrade them to keep customers coming up with an open wallet! Don't forget to employ tons of hard workers, too, and train them to be money-increasingly ' machines!

Tap on the screen, again and again, to keep spending customers like no tomorrow, and watch as your store becomes full of passionate customers!

However, customers like to complain, especially if they keep on waiting. Be sure to act fast to meet their needs! To do so, you have to manage your store efficiently and invest in creating a balanced shopping mall.

Of course, with intelligence and skill, this will all be as natural as breathing for you, and before you know it, your small selection of stores will grow into a large, luxury shopping mall.

Come to Tap Tap Plaza, and experience the most exciting idle game out there!

TAP Tap Plaza is full of features!
• Upgrade your lobby, shop, and employees to maximize revenue.
• Tap in the lobby to attract customers, and watch as both stores you fill out and money comes flowing in.
• Tap on the store to keep your employees on their toes! Their performance will increase.
• Speed up time! Your shopping center can operate more than 2x faster.
• Recruit and upgrade various employees.
• Promote employees to turn their talents into greater income.
• Invest in the research of dozens of different management strategies to increase your bottom line.
• Open more fancy malls to earn more revenue and become the biggest business tycoon in the region!

Tap Tap Plaza – Mall Tycoon Mod Apk (Use of diamonds in stores)

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