TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM! Mod Apk (Buy a stand to get a lot of money)

TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM! Mod Apk Have fun digging fossils and making your own Museum!

One day, I was entrusted with a former Museum. I found the dinosaur fossils and enjoyed putting them together piece by piece.
I'm glad to see the growing number of visitors surprised and happy.
It looks like this would be a fantastic Museum!

(How to play)

-Make the exhibition stand.
Create a standing exhibit to showcase your fossils.
Gradually restore and develop the Museum Run-down.

– Depart for fossil digging.
Find fossils to display on the exhibition stand. You can choose your excavation site from the map. Enjoy wondering about what kind of dinosaur fossils you will dig!
Please visitors to the Museum by collecting and assembling every part of the fossil.

-Raise your levels.
Raising your Museum level. Finally, you will receive many visitors.
Level up your character. You can increase the number of excavations.
Raise your pickaxe level. It widens various rocks that you can destroy.

-Collecting fossils.
You can collect your fossils in a warehouse and install the fossils of your choice wherever you like.
(However, some fossils cannot be displayed depending on the type of the exhibit stand.)

-Earn money.
Visitors will pay to come and see your fossil.
The amount of money they spend will vary depending on the type of customer and their level of satisfaction (based on the circumstances of your fossil collection.)
With money, you get you can fund the excavation, make the exhibition stand, and level up.
If you save a lot of money, you might even be able to buy a new Museum! (Future updates are planned.)

TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM! Mod Apk (Buy a stand to get a lot of money)

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