Sword Man – Monster Hunter Mod Apk (Free Shopping/ Much money/ Lots of gems)

Sword Man-monster Hunter is the most addictive 2D side-scrolling RPG filled with collecting a powerful variety of swords through dungeons like Bazeguard, Draughtbane, katana, Ghostwalker,... And much more!

#Exciting gameplay and immersive content
Role in Bounty Hunter, fight the big monsters, defeat giant bosses, Dodge traps, complete heroic quests and gain greater rewards through dungeons! There are many hidden areas somewhere in each Dungeon. Explore and discover more rewards.

#A tons of items to collect
Items from normal to Super rare! Hunt the monster to find them. Collect various items to craft and upgrade your sword. Items can also be obtained through the opening of crates in stores.

#Break Limit hero growth through upgrading your weapons
Each Blade has a strong: shock/Freeze/Burn Out/Drain... Monsters. For each blade are different, various effects and skins are applied. So, what type of knife will you choose? Invest wisely!
The more you upgrade your knife, the more you increase your power in dangerous adventures.

#Beautiful graphics and effects greatly impress you for the first time
Immerse yourself in excessive graphics & cute colorful.
Delivers the best in smartphone graphics

Sword Man – Monster Hunter Mod Apk (Free Shopping/ Much money/ Lots of gems)

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