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Survival on Raft: Ocean Nomad – Simulator v1.196 Mod Apk

Survival on Raft: Ocean Nomad – Simulator Mod Apk Survival on Raft: Ocean Nomad – Simulator is one of the most exciting and stunning Survival games in the ocean, where the player's goal is to survive on a raft in the middle of the ocean in any way. Fight sharks and zombies, build floating fortresses and learn the disaster story!

Features of Ocean Nomad-Raft Survival:

★ Hundreds of items for crafting
★ Marine Exploration on the boat
★ Hungry Sharks and Zombies
★ The raft Building — up to a floating fortress
★ Huge Open world

Tips for survival at sea

Capturing resources from the sea

Food, water, and items are an essential element of the survival Simulator game. Look around and try to find barrels, crates, junk and other stuff floating nearby. With a little luck, you may find rare items and a raft of free upgrades, so throw the hook further!

Crafting Items and weapons

Take advantage of all the resources you can find in the sea Survival game with hundreds of crafting recipes. Various parts of armor, any weapon to hunt sharks and other useful things to survive on the raft is available for crafting.

Killing Sharks and Zombies

There will be one more type of enemies that try to kill you in this free-zombie Survival game. Craft other kinds of weapons to kill zombies and defend your raft! Beware: Some zombies are much harder to kill than others!

Raft upgrades

You start with some wooden planks tied together, like in other raft games, but there's always room for imagination! Catch the ruins floating around, process them and build a huge raft to survive the zombies and sharks. Build a floating fortress of any shape and size-its all up to you.

Hop on a boat and explore the world around

Have you ever wondered what survival game is hiding in the sea and losing the islands around? Why don't you try to figure it out yourself? Build a boat and embark on a boat survival adventure. Float through the sea and see if you can find the ground, but don't forget your raft – the only place you can hide from danger.

Learn stories about natural disasters

The world is not always all about survival on a raft and looking for a safe land to live. You have to find the reason why the whole world is an endless ocean with lonely islands. Learn one of the most mysterious and exciting plots in this Survival Simulator 2018 game.

Survive at sea!

We do our best to fill our new Survival game with tough challenges, exciting crafts, and interesting building systems and plots.

Free in-app purchase
Unlimited Money *Increase
The free craft of all things (ingredients are not removed after crafting)
The possibility of multiple craft of unique things (ie, those that can be crafted only once in a regular game)
Rapid leveling.
Unlocked sandbox
Unlocked paid cell in inventory

Survival on Raft: Ocean Nomad – Simulator v1.196 Mod Apk