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Starlost is a top-down room action-adventure game, mixing Tower defense, Hell Bullets, and classic RPG elements with gorgeous 3D graphics.


Experience Android games like never before! Explore galaxies with Axel and Ceres as you face impossible obstacles – researching, upgrading, and building defenses for survival.

• Over 24 types of weapons to build
• 10 special abilities to research, upgrade and use against enemies
• More than 20 upgrades for your ship! Make it yours as you travel the galaxy.

Combining Hell Bullets, tower defense and alien invasion in a top-down shooter, Starlost drops players in an unexplored, hostile galaxy-their only hope: to collect resources and battle their way home.

With amazing, Next-gen 3D graphics, amazing sound effects and fully simulated physics, you will not be bored of destroying wave after wave of enemies.

Build your ship how you want-with multiple upgrade paths and turret styles, you can build Run-n-Gunship or giant giants-it's right up to you.

How to survive the hoards?

You have several weapon systems available:
→ Rocket Launcher: Launch self-propelled explosives package directly in your enemy!
→ Mass Accelerator: A constant rain of anti-warm projectiles that use virtually no vessel power.
→ Rail Gun: A devastating tower that pushes a small chunk of light down near the speed of the glow.
→ Ion Beam: A pure energy directional beam – passing a condenser magnetic prism – Fry every lucky enemy trapped on the road!
→ And more stacks!

Dodge, Memberondong and drift your way through laser flames, torpedoes, and missiles as you deploy mines, drone defense points and more. My precious minerals are from local asteroids and extract sources from a heap of scrap space to fuel your hunger for upgrades and extra weapon power!

Help Axel return to Earth!

Stranded after accidentally blowing an active quantum weapon, Axel must use his brain and lay eggs to battle his way back to the center of the Galaxy – where the home of the Gateway awaits.

The faithful AI best friend, Ceres, controls his mother and his base of operations, while he makes extended trips to Platinum mines, gold and other minerals from the asteroid belt-using resources to build better weaponry and devise ways to warp into the next sector.

Axel knew that in the end, he would be faced with a giant and dark power. This enemy... Where did they come from? Who sent them and why would they want to stop his progress? The Galaxy mystery is at the end of his fingers.

Starlost Mod Apk Money + Obb

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