Shadow fighter 2: Shadow & ninja fighting Mod Apk (Infinite Diamond/Gold Coins)

Shadow fighter 2: Shadow & ninja fighting Mod Apk Shadow Fighter 2, this is one of the other versions of Shadow Fighter. In this version, we've improved a lot with scripts, characters, enemies, and great graphics.
Shadow Fighter 2 – Ninja fighting game is an excellent action game, a great fighting game. It's also one of the best offline role-playing games (RPG) and is also one of the Ninja fighting games.
This fighting game is an addictive game and adventure game. You will go through 5 zones with jungle, desert, mountain and Shadow Fighter will take you through the series level with amazing experience.
There are a series of zombie battles and monster battles in levels. In each level, you will experience a fierce battle. In this case, you will be the hero to fight dark forces: Zombies, monsters. Your skills will be improved after each level
In this fighting game, you can use a variety of weapons, equipment to attack the enemy.
In Shadow Fighter 2-the Ninja fighting game. This will take you from Zone 1 to Zone 5 (Level 1 to level 50) with three modes: normal, hard, very difficult
There are five different hero characters for you to choose from: 3 Ninja, Horse, Witch
After every 5 levels, there is a powerful monster boss, to destroy these enemies, requiring you to be smart, skilled... This battle will give you a pleasant feeling and a beautiful feeling.

* Shadow Fighter 2 Features
– 5 Hero Characters: 3 Ninjas, Knight's horses, clergy
– Level: 150 +
-Mode: Normal, Hard, very loud
-Amazing graphics, effects, and sounds
-More weapons, equipment to attack zombies, monsters, demons
– Daily Searches
-Unlock characters and equipment by watching videos

* How to play in shadow battles:
-Press the running button to run
-Tap the jump button to jump
-Press the Cut button to trim
-More special attack skills

Shadow fighter 2: Shadow & ninja fighting Mod Apk (Infinite Diamond/Gold Coins)

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