Sausage Mod Apk (Unlock all skin)

Battle of Time! Be careful – it's a Hot-dog-fed-Hot-Dog world out there. So fight for death, until your enemy oozes soy sauce!

The famous sausage is back, and all the deaths that have made it only the power of children – are hungry and ready to fight, fight, fight and Smash, Smash, Smash! Help him fight and kill all the other sausages until he is the last dog standing and master of the Sausage War IO battle Arena!

Tap and hold to move your sausage around the war sausage battle arena.
Release to Head-Bang and push the sausage enemy into a sausage war IO obstacle battle like a sharp tool, a sunken kitchen, a fire park, or an off the counter for their doom. Fight and crush those sausages to pieces!

Don't forget the hot-Diggity-Victory dog dance at the end of every sausage war level IO battle!

Sausage Mod Apk (Unlock all skin)

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