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Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Magia Record v2.3.0 Mod Apk

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Magia Record Mod Apk When you fulfill one's wishes, the girl becomes a witch girl, fate supports to fight the witch as her consideration.

Panggung is a thriving city, KamiHama City. So it happened to start an accident.
Magical Girl as can be lowered is collecting, it keeps fighting with the witch.

 "The presence of the firstborn is turned off?"
Magical Girl  "Ring ABCs " To find the presence of a sister
 "If you know the mystery of this city, it may be able to save Kaname... "
Magical Girl determines the important person of salvation  "Akemi fire "

Intersect the feeling of magical girl, another hope born.

[Game contents]
We will continue to advance the story against the team of a magical girl.
In the method of selecting a new command called Disks, magic formations, skills, while combinations of elements such as Magia (Deathblow), a very strategic battle will be launched.

With a focus on the hero  "ABC "  "main story "
To continue in different time axis and magical girl  "Another Story "
Magical Girl each and every story  "Magical Girl Story "
It consists of three and then appeared strange magic girls more than 30 people.


Mod Menu
>Dumb Enemy
>Magia Improvement
>Increased Damage Dealt
>Diminish Damage Taken
>AutoBattle is not blocked (Always enabled)