Power Painter Mod Apk

Power Painter Mod Apk


Merge towers, shoot your paintball bubbles and paint the whole screen! Make sure the bubbles don't reach the end of the road and beware, you need a strategy to fight the boss. Boss attacks make the strategy more interesting because you will need more power to paint. Use your funds wisely and combine quickly when things get tough!


Sparks, mergers, tower defense battles that bite the nails – it's very hard to stay on top of all the challenges. All you need to do is try as far as possible. This exciting combined battle puts you in search of real painting strategies and tower defense. Many exciting levels are getting harder as you step in. They will ask the best of you. But, in the end, you'll love every second. Dan... Beware, this match strategy game can be very addictive 😉
Power Painter Mod Apk

WHY YOU WILL LOVE THE power of Painters:

-Countless epic levels with increasing difficulty and new settings to be found

-Stunning graphics effects and music and soundtracks around

-Collect different paintball guns to help you defeat bosses

-Crazy cool boot boxes to help you win this combined battle

-A free game for hours, and a Premium membership to reveal cool features that help

Purchases do not take away game currency
Things you can buy, even if you do not have enough game currency.
For the mod to work correctly, go through the first 5 levels in the original, then install the mod without deleting anything.

Power Painter Mod Apk


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