Nonstop Chuck Norris Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins/ Diamonds)

Take advantage of the unstoppable power of Chuck Norris in this nonstop action RPG!

Play with just one thumb, support Chuck and brawl with infinite hordes of enemies. But not stress-Chuck will even continue to fight and get rewarded while you rest!

-Brawl with Chuck enemies and earn gold-it's that simple!
-Power up Chuck Norris with baseball bats, chainsaw and more
-Discover new signature abilities, such as Roundhouse kicks and Slam boxing
-Climb the leaderboards in the game-rewards await!
-Stress-free gameplay-support Chuck on the Go
– No Internet connection needed
– 110% Chuck Norris approved

Nonstop Chuck Norris Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins/ Diamonds)

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