Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins)

Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod Apk
Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod Apk In a legend talking about Orochi, there is Satan portrayed as an eight-headed serpent with an eight-tails and constantly bloody and inflamed body that stretches over eight valleys and eight hills. For every 100 years, Orochi will revive and sow horror into the world.

And that terrible moment came. Orochi has been revived. After destroying hundreds of villages, finally came to the village of Wind, a Ninja village, lowered all the soldiers, and left the frame, screams, hatred,...

Raiden, the last Ninja soldier from Wind, is a descendant of Susanoo, a storm god and a sea that seals the Orochi, chosen to stop him.

From now on, he has to dive into a very hard adventure for revenge for his relatives that he loves and saves the world.

Ninja Raiden Revenge Features:

• Combines action elements, Hack-n-Slash, RPG and puzzle adventure.
• 8 different maps with 96 levels to play
• 8 great boss battles with various monsters: zombies, Monsters and more
• Easy to control gestures
• Improve your character's skills
• Discover the beauty of high-quality graphics
• Challenge yourself with tough battles

Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins)

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