Mustread Chat Stories scary stories Mod Apk (All paid features purchased)

Mustread Chat Stories scary stories Mod Apk
Mustread Chat Stories scary stories Mod Apk Thousands of breathtaking chat stories-scary, romantic, funny, mysterious and more! Interactive stories with videos, photos, sounds. Storytelling & Write a story!

Write a story and become a Mustread writer.  ✍️ If you've ever dreamed of becoming a storyteller and writing a book, here is an opportunity to start your creative career. If you are a talented story writer and want to join our team, open the app-all the details are inside!

We change to read SMS fun!? Short stories in chat format are very interesting to read. Horror Stories & Love Stories, mystery novels, Ghost Stories, Dark fantasies, detective fiction, and Sci-Fi stories.

We bring interactivity to a whole new level! Do we combine the story & Quest game?
-Read chat Stories
-Make a choice: decide on the main character!
-Pass Quest: Find objects, make photos to unfold stories.
Best Chat stories to read & Play in one app!

-Try several genres: horror stories, romantic stories, humor, mystery Stories, Sci-Fi stories, Thriller
-Try text stories and interactive stories: just read or Read & Play!
– For all ages: adult stories, teenage stories
-For every mood: funny stories, sad stories, dark stories, romance stories
-Read during the day or as a bedtime story

Mustread is reading the story & writing the app. You can create stories or even write books (a series of stories). All you need is to come up with interesting scripts, create chats, add visuals and Submit to the app. Once your story is reviewed, you become an official scriptwriter & a novel creator for Mustread.

Can't find an interesting book to read? A short story of text is what you need. Try out all the unique stories! Or make a story and become our novel writer!

Why Mustread's interactive story:
-Short story: One episode takes 2-3 minutes to read.
-Chat Stories: Interactive stories in the form of chats are very readable!
-Videos, photos, call realistic stories of scary text & media in any text story.
-Variety: Horror stories, romance stories, ghost stories, fiction chats, and detective stories, thriller Stories, Mystery Stories, dark fantasies and much more.
-Twists: Creepy text and love drama, kidnapping, lying, loyalty, betrayal.
-Public Stories: unlimited access to any texting story
-Premium Stories: Unlock videos, photos, calls with useful actions.
-New short stories every day!
-Read already written stories or try your own novel writing

Read texting stories + watch videos, view photos, answer calls + make a choice of & perform a task to complete reading + start writing your own book!

Mustread is a modern storybook and an app writer's story with a short story that every teenager and adult will like. True Story of love, creepy and funny, fiction story with Murder... Choose your first chat story now!
* Scary Story
* Horror Stories
* Ghost Story
* Romance Story
* SciFi Story
* Humor Story
* Thriller Story
* Action Story
* Mystery Story
* Dark Fantasy
* Search Story

Try the new generation reading app. Read, play and join our writing Challenge!

Mustread Chat Stories scary stories Mod Apk (All paid features purchased)

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