Marooned Mod Apk (Unlimited radish)

Marooned Mod Apk In the game, the player plays the role of Ed and survives in different environments in the world, such as Thai Jungle, Filipino Island, plain Africa, and others you will not have the tools, no clothes, no food, no water, and even Not a knife. Despite such conditions, Ed's steady still can cope with the harsh and living environment well.

【 Marooned features 】
-> So wide area
The area is huge in every scene. You can set up camps and make campfires anywhere. You can place traps where you think it's easy to catch animals. When it rains, you can use containers to hold water. When you can see anything in the dark night, you can use a torch to help you.

-> Find secret tasks in the game
There are two secret missions in each scene. You need to find it yourself. Sometimes it will appear in special circumstances. You will get special prizes after completing the main tasks and hidden tasks.
Marooned Mod Apk

-> Catch and Hunt is a skilled masterpiece
There are many throwing tools in the game, such as rocks, bamboo forks, and bows and arrows. Sometimes you'll run into prey, like rabbits in grasslands, fish in ponds and others. You need to use different tools to capture them.

-> How to do when you face big dangerous animals?
As you survive a few days, sometimes you'll run into some great dangerous animals, such as wolfs in Thailand's jungles, Hyena on African grassland, and crocodiles in Marshland. If you have a throwing tool, you can hit it. If not, you should run as fast as possible.

-> Temptation Food
You can cook in every scene. You need to collect different kinds of food first. The longer you survive, the more dishes you should need to improve your health.

Marooned Mod Apk (Unlimited radish)

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