Manga Allstar Mod Apk (Mod Speed Games/The Games is Over Quickly)

Manga Allstar is a free turn-based action RPG where players can recruit hundreds of manga & anime characters from different original events. There are more than 100 characters that can be played in the game for now, and there are more heroes coming into new, continuous updates. This is probably the most complete manga game you can find in the store.

In Manga Allstar, players will join the world of manga as a novice hero, along with the main story revealed, you can unlock more and more search heroes, you have to train them new skills and abilities, learning how to Strategically place heroes in battle formations from different paths to fully harness their strengths, from support to tanks to the role of DPS. Upgrade your heroes by upgrading their star ratings, making them gods with fragments of Hero's soul, and waking them up with resources that can be planted to unlock hidden potential. Compete in PvP and PvE cross-server battles, summon adorable pets to fight for you, collect and enchant powerful weapons, explore in various modes like the Sky Tower, dimensional war, Devil's Challenge, endless Rift, etc.

With the multi-dimensional character development and enhancement system, you can manage any hero you like, and even create your dream Manga team with your favorite characters from various manga or anime series. The game can be played perfectly, and you can have fun while exploring your interests with new friends who share your passions. It provides a great community of original Otaku!


-More than 100 characters of Manga & Anime that can be played

-Addictive gameplay Mode and real Otaku experience

-Wanted by millions of ACG fans around the world

-Create a unique team with your favorite manga characters

-Character growth and multi-dimensional upgrade system

-Go back to the manga world with story scenes

-Keep updating with new content

Mod :
Mod Speed Games
The Games is Over Quickly

Manga Allstar Mod Apk (Mod Speed Games/The Games is Over Quickly)


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