Lethal Race Mod Apk (Unlock all vehicles)

Lethal Race is a deadly competition where only the best can survive! Fasten your seatbelts because it will be a dangerous journey! Compete with other cars on deadly tracks, collect coins, do flips to get nitro. Destroy other cars but don't get smashed! Unlock new cars, upgrade them with your earnings and race on newer tracks! Have fun!

Join this deadly race and collect coins, increase your nitro load by doing stunts. Use coins to upgrade your ride. Finish all races to number one!

No other race in the world has ever been this deadly and crazy! Drive against crazy racers, but be sure to upgrade your car with the coins collected!

Get ready for another deadly race in exciting stunt driving challenges. Select and customize your car first. Your goal is to race the bumpy roads with some sizable jumps as you try to take your rivals. To get nitro you have to do backflips as you collect coins and stars to upgrade your vehicle during the race. You have to win victory over other racers at all costs, even if this means to smash their cars.

Take part in the strange races and face your opponents on circuits that are beyond comprehension with the game Lethal Race. During the race enjoy every springboard to do flips, it will increase your nitro gauge to get a valuable boost to defeat other competitors. 12 cars will be available including police vehicles, monster trucks or Formula 1. Each vehicle can be upgraded by purchasing new machines, wheels, Nitro, new chassis, and even rockets to crush your opponents.

Lethal Race Mod Apk (Unlock all vehicles)

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