Legend of Ace Mod Apk (MOD MINI MAP) + Obb

Legend of Ace Mod Apk
Welcome to Legend of Ace
World's first MOBA + TCG mobile Game
2018 latest, fair and fun mobile multiplayer game!

Thousands of ways for each hero. Suitable for any player! A growing team of 17 + original heroes makes you and your friends fully enjoy the fun of PVP! Non-Stop heavy battles! More honors and rewards are waiting for you to come!

Legend of Ace Features
Legend of Ace Mod Apk
= Fair Play, quick play =
5 to 10 minutes, ultra-fast paced game, for free time.
Fair Play, no need to worry about other people, just care about the battle.

= Classic MOBA designed for mobile phones =
Push, Forest, Gank, teamwork. Featuring a complete classic MOBA game.

= Teamwork and strategy =
Tanks, controls, healing. Become an indispensable member of your team.
Prepare your clan Guild, make friends, fight together!
Choose Tanks, wizards, assassins, snipers, supports and other special heroes to lead your team to victory!

= Special TCG system =
Hundreds of cards in the game, give the hero with free direction. It not only transforms hero attacks and defensive attributes even deliver new skills! Players are free to choose cards, fully experience the fun of the strategy!

= Fun Achievement System Show yourself on the leaderboards =
Players reach specific objectives in the game to unlock achievements, access to special prizes. Join the world rankings, show off your strengths to all!

Legend of Ace Mod Apk (MOD MINI MAP) + Obb

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