Last Stickman: Battle Royale Mod Apk (unlimited money / diamond)

You are one of the hundreds unknown, landed on a hostile island, a warrior.
Your goal is to survive at any cost. 2D shooter with Deathmatch mode.

Collect the necessary ammunition and find another unknown stickman. Here everyone craves to be the last victim. In the end, there will only be one.

The best unknown player will fight in an epic deadly battle for Life on the battlefield.
Ready to try your luck? Then join!


The island has everything you need for survival. Collect weapons, ammunition, drugs and beware of enemies.

You can fight with your boxing or get the weapon remotely. Do not forget to take ammo for your gun and definitely beware of people with bats!


A large number of locations make the game even more fun.
Use your Minimap to avoid getting lost!

Show all dexterity and skills for victory, warrior. But don't forget about the deadly zones! There is less security space and less. It is necessary to clean the area!

Become the last Stickman still alive!

Last Stickman: Battle Royale Features:

⚔ Battle Royale
⚔ Stickman Games
⚔ Stick
⚔ Deathmatch
⚔ Battlegrounds
⚔ Shooter

Last Stickman: Battle Royale Mod Apk (unlimited money / diamond)

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