Laser Overload Mod Apk

Laser overload is a free puzzle game from the creator of Connect.
The goal is to connect energy sources with batteries to recharge them.

? How to play?
Rotate the mirror and use the energy teleports to keep the grid functional.

Laser overload Features:
▲ Free-The game is 100% free for everyone, you can play games without payment.
▲ Accessible-This difficulty is designed for everyone. Special purpose is designed for veterans. Can you collect all the stars without breaking the grid?
▲ Beautiful-simple, clean but amazing looking.
▲ Portable-No Drainer battery. No Internet connection is required. Play on any airplane or in the subway.
▲ You do not need knowledge of electricity or electrical networks to enjoy this game.

● A Lot Of Coins.
● All Levels Purchased.
● All Backgrounds Purchased.
● All Lasers Purchased.
● Remove Ads.

Laser Overload Mod Apk

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