Kush Tycoon: Pot Empire Mod Apk (Unlimited Licenses/Gems/Water/No Added Ads)

Kush Tycoon: Pot Empire Mod Apk You need a great time of cash, you can see the only option, does it violate the bad styles. Become Kush Tycoon and grow your company and riches beyond confidence!

Growing the herb and selling it to the locals is the best option to get your company set up and start your journey to become a famous grower. Choose from a variety of seeds like the Skunk and Purple Haze, add a little water and watch your crops and the pot kingdom grow as you become a Tycoon of the world of Cush.

You will need to start your small company and arrange the pots and farms and manage the crops. Harvest your agricultural products and sell them to your desperate customers. Make them happy and let them spread the word from your company by mouth the better quality of your farm earns you more chances that you have to become the best grower and earn respect from Your clients and other dealers in the area.

Your company should start somewhere and your flat is as good as anywhere. Farm your seeds, grow your crops, farm your crops and sell them. Sounds simple? But being a tycoon is not easy and you will need all the trading tricks to make it big.

Grow your pot Kingdom, become a Cush tycoon and gain the respect of your worthy skills.

Kush Tycoon: Pot Empire Mod Apk (Unlimited Licenses/Gems/Water/No Added Ads)

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