Kotodaman Mod Apk (Weak Enemy HP/AutoBattle)

Kotodaman Mod Apk
Kotodaman Mod Apk
The new sensation of RPG fighting with  "Word "!
Combining the spirit of the character  "Kotodaman "
Let's attack by creating a "word "!
Damage changes due to the number and length of words!

【 Troubleshooting 】-Shō o Kyo--
 "Yu "  "KA "  "Shi "  "Ki "
Which character (Kotodaman) would you enter?
The registered word is  "More than 200,000 words"!!

■ Character Rich characters
More than 350 Kotodaman appears!
All of Kotodaman will move with animation!
Growth! Evolution! Activation skills!
Let's create the deck that makes the strongest "word"!

■ A luxury voice actor who is a unique team of color Kotodaman!
Masashi Uchida/Yuki Ono/Mai Kadowaki/Aya Sakura/Tomokazu Sugita
Thrown over 40 others!

■ Story
How  "language " and "Kotodaman " born?
A story about  "Word " that you read with character acquisition.
Can you know all of Kotodaman! What?

Kotodaman Mod Apk (Weak Enemy HP/AutoBattle)

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