Kinnikuman Muscle Shot Mod Apk (Weak Enemies)

Kinnikuman Muscle Shot Mod Apk
Kinnikuman Muscle Shot Mod Apk
[Kinnikuman × exhilarating exciting action]
A simple game just draws characters!
Our popular Superman is free to rampage in the Ring!
Knock Out tough enemies in exhilarating battles!

[That wounds turn on!]
 "Kin flesh Buster, "  "Beheading hell "...
It exploded the striking cuts by our Superman popularity!
Super powerful Tag technique that Duo name feeds reproducibility!

[U.S. Super Human Dream Contest]
Form a team to collect US superhumans!
You can enjoy an organization that is not visible in the original!
Melee draws the strongest team just Kimi!

[Relive the original story]
The original reproduce Story mode!
The nostalgic scene revived brilliantly!
Also, the dialogue should be our popular Superman scene!

[Play-by-play even passionate during the game]
Familiar with two people is a battle comment!
Both of the meats are also very enthusiastic!
The exhilarating battle appeal of the popular Superman livens up a top flare!

[up to four simultaneous battles]
Let's enjoy multiplayer in real-time communication!
This formed a friendship and No. 1 team
Share the excitement of victory!

Kinnikuman Muscle Shot Mod Apk (Weak Enemies)

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