Kengan ULTIMATE BATTLE Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/God Mode)

Kengan ULTIMATE BATTLE Mod Apk Manga One, the popular game behind the Sun of the week, the first game  "Kengan Asura " The first game  "Kengan UB " finally appeared!
The familiar astronauts in this manga are rampant in smartphone games!

◆ Become president and aim for the top-class company
Become the world president of Kengan Ashura and manage the company with Sugoroku!
Various events will happen to the mass stop!
Let's go ahead with the money companies and alumni, make money, and grow the company!

◆ Battle Big Strength scenes
Many battle fighters that appear in the manga appear in battle!
When skills are activated, a strong scene with original battle scenes is cut!

◆ Various skills to divide the game at shooting time
The battle is 1 vs. 1 Turn system! Attack, defense, recovery, counter, etc. Change the situation every turn on your choice!
Throw your opponent with various martial arts attacks and seize victory!

◆ Astronauts strengthen their muscles!?
Complete the muscles to increase the ambition parameters!
Complete the best muscles on your head/neck, chest, arms, abdomen, and legs in 5 places to create the strongest martial arts Ambitionist!

◆ Light Battle Empire
Compete with the president of the entire country for corporate rankings!
Keep fighting while nurturing astrologists and aiming for the president of the Kenkenkai!

◆ Popular characters from the original appear one after the other!
The original characters are popular with features from various genres of battles such as wrestling, boxing, Judo, and karate emerging!
In addition, popular employers in the original will also emerge as skills!

Kengan ULTIMATE BATTLE Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/God Mode)

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