Jump Stadium Mod Apk (Attack for enemies falling off the arena to win)

A series of jumping heroes fade
Funny battle Empire, finally unlock!

Set your work card (memory Heroes) to your favorite characters and customize your skills!
Various techniques can be used with a memory installation!

Let's advance the game, let the characters enter, and get the Hero's memory from Gacha and the reward!

Jump Stadium Features:

# Challenge for the Chillout
Tap burst special blast with an easy tap!
Drive rivals out of the stage and grab victory!

# Make that jump hero friend
The stronger you are, the more  "Jean Jeong Character " will be released!
Let's increase the steady level.
※ Please look forward to future additions!

Let's Build the Tag
Choose two favorite jumping heroes and create your own team.
Win Jean Jean Stadion with dream Tag match!

# Real-time battles
Jeansta is an online fighting game.
Participate in the ranking event, up to 4 people in a real-time match between friends OK!

# Let's get new skills
An important Item  "Heroes memory " is obtained in Gacha. Equip with your lucky character and customize the action.

Jump Stadium Mod Apk (Attack for enemies falling off the arena to win)

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