JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond Records Mod Apk

 "JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond Records " Latest Job game appears ooo!!
Enjoy Jojo's world in a rich 3D model  "3D " Dododo  "action " Tsu TSU!!
Part to set the team's dream outside the work of TSU Buchikamase great power!!

※ to will play you this application please allow access to  "Phone " at the time of application startup. It is intended to be used for user identification, derived from this application will never.

※ This app will be able to play for free until the end, but there is also some free-to-Play.

■ 3D  "Dododo " Action TSU!!
 "Jojo " The latest smartphone game TSU!
 "Jojo " currently is  "3D " Dododo  "action " Tsu TSU!!
Free to manipulate characters in familiar stages in the original anime, which is reproduced in 3D models!
Nagitaose Tsu a tough enemy by making full use of great power of action and skill!!

■ Appears in various characters!
The unique characters from the first part until the 4th part of the one appear after the other!!
Will be there a lot of characters that appear as the first time 3D model TSU!
Or to reinforce the strengthened character of the material acquired in the search, "maybe " is possible to learn new skills No '!!
Grow your favorite character AIM the strongest team TSU!!

■ Try to experience the story in  "Quest "!
In the story motif  "Jojo ",  "Quest ", will be able to revive that scene name and episode Tsu!
To strengthen the character of the reinforced material and experience gained in the search is obvious, try to challenge the higher difficulty of the search!

■ Spread  "Jojo " Community!!
Equipped with  "Jojo " The first game  "community features " Tsu!!
Subscribe like  "City ", let's a party as  "friend JoJo " In the chat function, etc!!

First, you need turn off Auto-battle mode
Always your turn
No Skill CD

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond Records Mod Apk

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