Hunter underwater spearfishing Mod Apk (Unlimited currency)

Hunter underwater spearfishing Mod Apk
Hunter underwater spearfishing Mod Apk Hunter Underwater spearfishing is a realistic Super 3D game of underwater hunting specifically for smartphones and tablets! An endless underwater world in HD quality: lakes, seas, and oceans you now want! More than 30 species of fish and animals, algae, corals, ships, treasures and more! An exciting storyline, deadly fish, scuba diving – all this awaits you in this incredible game  "Underwater Hunting"!
You will find Spears, Crucian, Arapaima, Shark, turtle, electric rays, lionfish, clownfish, Cobia, Trout, Brikon, barracudas, ducks and other water inhabitants on the road.

Water depth is a hostile environment. Oxygen can expire at any time. Poisonous fish can kill if your touching, not to mention sharks! But harpoon you shoot accurately and you are quite a hunter yourself, so earn money hunting, upgrading equipment and
Travel the world on your cruise ship!

Hunter underwater spearfishing Mod Apk (Unlimited currency)

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