Hovercraft: Getaway Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

Race Combat Number 1, a special vehicle development, totally addictive, the best action game of the year is back, and crazier than ever!

You're on the run! Build your special Hovercraft. Arm into gear with machine guns, lasers, rockets, and mines. Then avoid, attack, and survive as long as you can make your holiday!


* Build a completely custom Hovercraft and equip with guns, lasers, missiles, mines and more!

* The law feels hot in your tail! Dodge and Obliterate police explorers, hoverbikes, sophisticated armored trucks, aerial drones, and even military tanks and attack helicopters!

* Cause enough destruction and the legendary Crimson Elite Force may even come after you!

* Complete up to 6 weapons simultaneously, and customize your loading from thousands of possible combinations

* Long-range Sniper cannon? Laser tracking? Three rocket fire launchers? Proximity mine homing? How about all of them, at the same time!

* Upgrade & Develop your Hovercraft Squadron and become stronger

* Endless Upgrades! Collect & Win many rare, epic and legendary gear!

* Real-time damage Model affects all your Hovercraft systems, from weapons to boosters

* Experience crazy Physics-based combat racing, like you've never played before!

Mod : Free Shopping

Hovercraft: Getaway Mod Apk (Free Shopping)


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