Horror Clown Pennywise – Scary Escape Game Mod Apk (Bot can not kill you)

IT-Horror Clown Pennywise is a horror game. In this game, you play as a Bill-captain Loser's Club. After 27 years, IT has come back. He kidnaps all of Bill's friends. You have to go to the IT House to save them.

The evil Pennywise is the embodiment of an ancient evil creature called it. It has its original form as a light yellow called the Death Lamp, which is in the macro Universe (Macroverse), arriving on Earth for a long time. The creature has magical powers, which have the ability to change its shape to whoever it wants.

Every 27 years, the evil Pennywise clown wakes up after long hibernation and searches for food. It is especially like eating a child, so the clown image is chosen to appear and scare the child. However, the horror clown didn't swallow the prey soon but "eat fear " from the victim. He loves manipulating children's minds with wounds or tragedies.

Objects in your environment can be your safety. Pennywise can not see you curled in the closet or under the bed!

Solving Puzzles
Try to figure out the causes of this disgusting mess and complete scary quests!

Listen carefully to your surroundings, any distorted noise can completely change the situation.

Just one step is wrong can be your death.

Horror Clown Pennywise – Scary Escape Game Mod Apk (Bot can not kill you)

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