Harbingers – Infinity War Mod Apk (Improve damage/defense)

In Harbingers: Infinity War, you'll play as a commander who can summon history celebrities to death and line up with other commanders to destroy the zombie group and Save the world that has been on the verge of collapsing!


⭐️ impressive characters with special powers
The original character (Harbingers) with an anime-style design, has different historical backgrounds and special personalities. With smooth 3D models, Harbingers can perform ultra skills with stunning effects.

⭐️ some ways to improve your Harbingers
Gear system, favorability Evolution System, Astrolabe system... All of these provide several ways to strengthen your heroes and make each of them unique.

⭐️ Exclusive Weapon & Random Gear attributes
Each Gear has at most four random attributes and Gears at low levels can be upgraded to a higher level. In addition, there are exclusive weapons that can activate unique skills and superpowers for each Harbinger, so go explore everywhere in the game, don't miss the chance to get it.

⭐️ the challenge of powerful zombie monsters in Duo
When two players fight together in the Dark Hunting field, you should think twice about the lineup strategy. Good teamwork always makes things easier!

Harbingers – Infinity War Mod Apk (Improve damage/defense)

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