Guns.io – Survival Shooter Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

FIGHT for the top spot in blocky. This IO Style online Survival shooter game!

Race to collect XP and level-up as fast as possible to gain an edge on the competition. Choose a powerful upgrade with each level-up and compete for the top position! Choose your upgrades wisely, fight well and dominate the Battlegrounds! Make the journey of the unknown player to the king of the Hill as you fight for survival!

Guns.io – Survival Shooter Mod Apk Features
• Fun Shooter. IO action game where you battle your way to the top.
• Upgrade your characters and their pistols as you level up in Battlegrounds.
• Battle online in multiplayer mode or in offline mode against fun AI enemies.
• Lots of customizable and funny characters to unlock.
• Fun pixel like block graphic style.
• Super fun, easy to learn, hard to master gameplay.

Battle Royale 
It's no rock, paper, scissors! These are larger pistols, pistols, and pistols! When you hit the yellow Battlegrounds you start as an unknown player. You have to find and collect experience points to shoot your way through the resistance. The experience points collected will get you upgrades and perks that can make you the king of the Hill. Rise to the top of the ' pixel pile ' in this. IO Battle Royale!

Jump to online games. Io and fight against unknown players or friends in multiplayer. Or hit the Battlegrounds offline and go toe to toe with fun and computer smart AI players. Large maps and number of high players make for an epic multiplayer experience.

Funny characters Unlock 
Over 100 awesome yellow characters unlocked! Mix and match heads with anyone who creates strange and unique appearances.

Fun and simple block style
Each particle, pixel, and block is created lovingly to create the color and fun of the guns.io true Battlegrounds pop.

Guns.io – Survival Shooter Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

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